28 years Of Shah Rukh Khan aka ”King Of Hearts” ..

#28YearsOfSrk !! 

Shah Rukh Khan the undisputed king of bollywood romance right from 1992 till now .. Just your name is enough to give goosebumps and heart fluttering violins in all our hearts.

Best example of a non-filmy background actor coming to Mumbai with a pocket full of dreams to make it big in Bollywood and today your hardwork, passion for your craft, your exemplary acting and years of experience in this glamourous bollywood has made you the King aka Badshah of romance not just in India but globally across the world as well.

Thank you SRK for strengthening our facts with you as a legendary proof that if there is real talent then come what may we will get the recognition for our craft. We have seen your mettle as a finely nuanced actor who has given us jaw dropping and stellar performances with films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jaaenge, My Name Is Khan, Jab Harry Met Sejal, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Veer Zaara, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Om Shanti Om, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Darr, Badshah, Chennai Express, Dear Zindagi, Main Hoon Naa, Chak De India, etc.

Shah Rukh Khan you have also given us unusual yet experimental performances with films like Fan and Zero which have made you the reigning king of Bollywood from past 28 years and you rule the hearts of people from all age groups.

Because of your films we’ve learned many important lessons which are :

1. Love is Friendship and if she cannot be my go to person then she can’t be my best friend. (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)

2. Love is free from all the parameters of religion differences and boundaries (Veer Zaara).

3. Life is very uncertain for you never know what would happen in next moment itself so live your life to the fullest in the moment for tomorrow may or may not be (Kal Ho Naa Ho).

4. There are only 70 minutes in your hands to prove yourself and your talent so give your 200% in these 70 minutes and also in life (Chak De India).

5. Become a Raj who can love and fight tooth and nail for that love from the society and the girl’s family. For every Simran there is a Raj out there (Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jaaenge).

6. One sided love ‘s power is a different level altogether where it’s only my right on it and no boy else’s. Friendship is the inner calm to turmoils in life (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil).

7. Just because you are of a different religion who’s misconstrued as a bad one because of some people doesn’t mean you are a terrorist (My Name Is Khan).

8. Only because of our fans and supporters we are who we are today and without fans there wouldn’t be any stardom. He’s not just a fan but his entire world revolves around his love for the actor (Fan).

9. We all are only travellers who keep on travelling in life from one point to another and in journeys from one destination to another where every Harry wants to have a Sejal who loves him for who he really is without any pretenses. Every Sejal wants a Harry who is not only loud, bold yet funny and sarcastic along with being romantic and spunky but is patient and understanding only for her where companionship and silences are beautiful (Jab Harry Met Sejal).

10. If your love was pure and true in last birth then even the gods and every other supernatural element will fight for making two lovers united in some way or other in this birth. (Om Shanti Om).

11. If you are a human being who wants to find a guy for yourself then remember that guys are like chairs as even before buying a chair you see if its comfortable, unique, eye catchy or not. This here is a guy we are speaking of so even in case of a guy also it’s the same. (Dear Zindagi).

Thank You Shah Rukh Khan for being a down to earth, humble, polite, compassionate and caring human being even in the real life. You are truly the king of hearts along with being the Badshah of B Town.

By proud member of the SRK fanmily,

By Vrinda Mundara.




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Myself !!

Sometimes all it takes is just such a type of person who can be anyone like your bestfriend, someone from your family, but the one who’s always there with you for you whenever you want to share something like good or bad but you just want to be yourself without any fake pretenses in front of that one person who has it in themselves to listen to your entire blabberings, nonsensical, logical, illogical, senseless, good, and bad talks patiently and that person keeps you sane in this world full of chaos, fake people, and complete utter insanity as well.

That person after listening to your entire talks in the end tells you what is right and wrong and what should be done and shouldn’t be done. Many people in this world are lucky and fortunate enough to have such selected bunch of few people in their life.

But there’re many who don’t have such people in their in life and those people are very introvert, helpful, innocent, shy, timid, vulnerable, gullible, easily get influenced by other people and the things they do often under peer pressure, submissive, always made fun of, and always insulted by people.

All of you blog readers out there might be thinking that what has happened to this blogger who always writes poems, travel blogs, restaurant blogs is today writing a very deep and philosophical piece all of a sudden ??

Well, the thing that I mentioned in the 2nd paragraph was completely me. Yes, that was me once upon a time in my Bachelor Degree Years and a little bit of it is still me even today. Even after promising myself not to be so I ended up breaking that self-made promise anyways.

I was a complete bundle of nervous and emotional wreck very low on self-confidence and self-esteem as well. I was someone very introvert, helpful, innocent, shy, very gullible, easily got influenced by other people, obedient, always made fun of, did not gel up with new people very easily and always insulted by people as a whole to sum it up.

You all might be thinking that why suddenly did this author felt the need to write this ‘’deep and self-explanatory philosophical blog piece’’ today?? The reason is that I felt like people out there reading my blogs need to know my real story of how I was few years back and how I am today since it is easily relatable to anyone and everyone specially girls can completely relate this story to themselves totally.

It was like there were many fake and pretentious people in my life few years back during my Bachelor’s degree (2011-14) and then when I came in my Master’s Degree from 2015-17 that thing was still the same and there was no change in it at all. These were people who used me fully for getting their work done and used me for their own benefit and after their work got done it was like ‘’Who are you? I don’t know you at all’’.

Such people thought that I can be broken very easily, I won’t take a stand for myself, and I will be quiet against whatever shit they spoke about me, they thought that I’ll be quiet even if they insult me by joining my names with any of my friends. Actually so sorry but this blog is my indirect answer or a verbal slap to all those people out there that you all have thought very wrong about me since I can never be broken ever and if you even try to break me then it will make me more strong with each passing day.

People who try to come in between the strong bond of two best friends or even try to break them you can never ever do so since those two best friends are very intelligent, understanding, patient and mature enough to handle such very small and petty fights themselves and they won’t even let it affect their strong bond ever.

Thanks to all those people out there who’ve used me, insulted me, made fun of me, tried to break me today due to you all am very strong and probably the best version of myself ever.

I guess I just wanted to tell you all people about my story somehow. So I had all these freezed and captured incidents in my mind from so long but really today I just gathered all my courage and wrote it down. Finally, here I am with my stories through blogs telling all you readers out there about it !!

I would like to just wrap this up by saying a dialogue from movie ‘’Zubaan’’ –

‘’Khud se khud ko rihaa de,

Apni aawaaz ko zubaan de’’.

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Girlie Idly Career Inertia …

Being sluggishly inert wasn’t her choice. Sometimes it’s God trying to test YOU, your patience, tolerance, endurance and your fighting spirit by putting you out there in most bad and murkiest of worst waters.


Just to see you emerging out of it either as a strong fighter winner or a weak manipulated puppet. Girls go through these sorts of phases in their life where it’s like they feel that darkness everywhere with no silver lining or ray of sunshine.

Now you are thinking why am I suddenly just out of the blue going on incessantly just blabbering and rambling about ‘’Idly career inertia’’ and telling my readers about it … Well put on your thinking caps and try to guess …. Still not able to figure it out ….

Well stop thinking too much now, the reason is that people need to know this blogger / writer’s self-analytical story of presently what oddballs are being thrown in her way in regards to her career today and how she’s being positive with hope and not giving up.

(Lol 😀 I know I tell you all a lot to do the thinking work every time but what to do as this is me as I am raw and original unfiltered completely).

We need to remember that it’s OKAY if you’re going through these junctures in life as God only tests those who’ve always known to never giving up without a fight and keep fighting spirit within you to be where you want yourself to be.

I am writing this post today as it resonates and connects very well with many girls who’re just like me fighting for getting a foothold or breakthrough in their respected fields or careers and still have the hope of not everything being lost as when God closes one door he opens many other doors in his own tricky and sneaky ways.

It’s okay if you are going through a lot of phases and are being an emotional plethoric wreck with messed up life and never ending always cropping up problems but never let the sad, upset, sour, and angry emotional extremes get through to you.

“A glowing firefly always lifts up others with fiery vibes”.

By Vrinda Mundara.


Copyright 2018.


Nowadays in this world we live today i.e. 21st century modern concrete jungle called Mumbai, there’s an incessant security threats increase in our virtual world which is our social media networking accounts.

The danger on our SNS accounts has grown tremendously huge to another level altogether where professional, amateur, trained and untrained account hackers from all offbeat, popular, known, unknown and different parts of the world across the national and international globescape scenario try to hack illegally any person’s account by using all bad and unfair means which is a cause of growing concern among national and international global indian residents or “global netizens” who create their business through social media sites.


The cyber accounts hacking is plaguing the world very rapidly by ingesting its roots and hold in every nook, cranny, and corner of even the remotest areas in world.

I remember that in my childhood days, during those times there were no digital media and social media networking websites at all and internet boom had still not even had made its way into India and still we kids were carefree, uncomplicated and very happy without all these things by just indulging ourselves in playing outdoor games with all friends in our school, building, colony.

The point over here is that even without the digital media, social media networking websites like FB, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Messenger our life back then in our childhood was very happy go lucky and untroubled but when we compare it to now, all the things have changed drastically in past few years which might be good or bad depending on the pros and cons of all these things. But is it really necessary to have that much speed in life today?


Above all every creature on this planet took its own time to be part of it & now we ‘human animals’ are actually just trying to do something which can be tagged as inhuman. Definitely we humans today have totally become prey and slaves to its addiction.

We all have really just become immune and totally addicted to this very digital cyclone which will one day be going to literally churn and destroy us in one way or the other. In this highly modernized digital world today, we should have capacity and ability to use it as our slave but isn’t it true that we are becoming its slave which is the bitter irony of it.

The question arising here is that will there ever be a good enough solution or alternative to this digital scare !


Should there be any sort of a watchdog monitoring digitalscape on both national and international levels !

By Vrinda Mundara.


Copyright 2018

My take on Punjabi music !!

Lately, i’ve been listening to more of Punjabi music with amazing singers like Gurnazar Chattha who has sung Gurnazar Medley, Bilal Saeed and Neha Kakkar who’ve sung Suroor, Akhil who has sung Khaab, and lastly Harddy Sandhu who has sung Yaar Ni Milyaa,etc.

Well nowadays we can say that finally the music is changing completely and is going out of its box on Indian music Space. Nowadays the Indians have a short term attention span and secondly Indian films music is becoming increasingly common, monotonous and same and people are not liking such music anymore as they want rhythmic, melodious, mellifluous and soothing music that has meaningful lyrics and is crooning worthy as well.

This makes ample opportunity and platform for other genre of music that is gaining fame, recognition and ample of popularity today specially among the youth i.e. Punjabi Music to take the centre stage and attention away from ever growing normal music in our music industry.

You might now be thinking that why am I suddenly out of the blue just going on rambling incessantly about Music and telling all my readers about it? Well put on your thinking caps and try to guess …. Still not able to figure it out now …. Well stop thinking too much now, the reason is that people need to know that ”Punjabi Music” is the next big & best thing with great amount of potential waiting to be capped and amassed by the makers with new fresh singing talent being introduced through this amazing media platform of music videos.

Some new, interesting and quirky experiments being done by introducing TV actors in music videos as well. (Lol 😀 I know I tell you all a lot to do the thinking work every time but what to do this is me as I am raw and original unfiltered completely).

Now I’ll tell all my readers reading my blog about the Best Punjabi Music and why to watch and listen to them –

1. Gurnazar Medley by Gurnazar Chattha –

If you want to listen to the best soulful and feel good lyrics in a Punjabi Song then Gurnazar Medley is the must watch punjabi song on your to watch punjabi songs list on youtube which has an amazing amalgamation of all the instruments including flute, drums, guitar, violins, tabla and dholak and the vocals by Gurnazar Chattha and chorus sung by the girls in the video.

Video Link –

2. Suroor By Bilal Saeed and Neha Kakkar  –

If you want to listen to a slow, soft and melodious punjabi song then Suroor By Bilal Saeed and Neha Kakkar is the must watch punjabi song on your to watch punjabi songs list on youtube which has an amazing amalgamation of the magical voices of Neha Kakkar and Bilal Saeed with lyrics i.e. ”Jado daa tera naina vich takeyaa, ik noor je aae” which once you’ll start singing will never go away from your mind and will compel you to start watching such songs.

Video Link –

3. Khaab by Akhil –

If you want to listen to a slow, soft and melodious punjabi song then Khaab by Akhil is the must watch punjabi song on your to watch punjabi songs list on youtube which has the magical voice of Akhil and the song tells a story of a girl who’s mute and can’t speak and how Akhil loves her and learns sign language just for her and has mesmerizing lyrics i.e. ”Dil tenu rehnda saada chit karda , kisi hor te naa mare tere te hi mar daa , ban meri rani tera raja ban jaa tu hi ban mera ghar darwaza ban jaa” which once you’ll start singing will never go away from your mind and will compel you to start watching such songs.

Video Link –

4. Yaar Ni Milyaa by Harddy Sandhu –

If you want to listen to a slow, soft and melodious romantic punjabi song then Yaar Ni Milyaa by Harddy Sandhu is the must watch punjabi song on your to watch punjabi songs list on youtube which has the magical voice of Harddy Sandhu and the song tells a story of Harddy and his girlfriend who’re in love and how heartbroken he gets when he finds his girlfriend with another guy cheating on him and has mesmerizing lyrics i.e. ” Ajj tak menu esaa yaar ni o milyaa, jide te yakeen karaa akhaa band karke, bade mile meinu do shakalaa waale” which once you’ll start singing will never go away from your mind at all.

Video Link –

I’d just like to end this by saying that if you are a punjabi music lover like me and want to watch and listen to good melodious Punjabi music on weekend’s like binge watching the music videos and listening then these 4 songs mentioned above are a must watch for all you people reading my blog out there.





‘’Love at first sight or companionship’’ ….

‘’Love at first sight’’ also known as ‘’Pehli nazar ka pyaar’’ is a very clichéd phenomenon everywhere nowadays. It’s a very gooey and mushy feeling that only very few people get to experience in their life as not everyone believes in ‘’love at first sight’’.

It’s like a when you see any guy / girl for the first time, and you automatically fall heads over heels in deep love with that person and violins start ringing in your heart for that person. I know it sounds very filmy like the violins and all but you just love the feeling of being in love with that person.


On the other hand ‘’Companionship’’ is something which stems out of friendship or even being a friends with a person from many years where after some period of years have passed you just start liking that person’s company and think of him as a companion. You even start liking that person and vice a versa for that person as well when it’s about you for him/her.

Some people are hopeless and mad believers of ‘’Love at first sight’’ and some people are more open to ‘’Companionship’’ when compared to love at first sight.


Now you are thinking why am I suddenly just out of the blue going on incessantly just blabbering and rambling about ‘’Love at first sight’’ or ‘’Companionship’’ and telling my readers about it … Well put on your thinking caps and try to guess …. Still not able to figure it out …. Well stop thinking too much now, the reason is that people need to know that whether ‘’Love at first sight’’ is better or ‘’Companionship’’ in today’s time.

(Lol 😀 I know I tell you all a lot to do the thinking work every time but what to do as this is me as I am raw and original unfiltered completely).

‘’Love in diverse and unexpected ways !!’’


‘’All the characters, incidents and places in this story are purely fictitious. Resemblance to any person living or dead or any incident or place is purely coincidental.’’

So now I’ll tell you my story about it. This is a story about three characters i.e. Alina, Ibaad, and Subair.

It’s set in the year 2011 when Alina and Ibaad are in same college in Mumbai. Alina is a girl born and brought up in Mumbai. Ibaad is an international half Afghan / half American student who came to study aviation in Mumbai on scholarship since he wanted to work in that field after going back to Middle East.

Where Alina is a true blue Muslim, even Ibaad is an Afghan Muslim by birth. One day when Alina was walking inside the college campus with her friends while bunking the lectures, suddenly she just saw that Ibaad was sitting with his friends and she just fell in ‘’Love at first sight’’ with him. Ibaad was a very tall, fair and handsome guy which is an exception from tall, dark and handsome guy phenomenon that’s a very clichéd concept in India.

Slowly Alina started developing a crush on Ibaad. She thought that Ibaad was the perfect amalgamation of dreamy looks with killer physique, very fair, tall in height, good by nature, genuine, decent, street smart, helpful, caring, understanding, compassionate, bold, aggressive, confident, straight forward and loving as well.

Alina started thinking more and more about Ibaad with every passing day. Alina had her own list of things her dream guy should know, have, and be like and Ibaad completely fit her descriptions of the same.

Cherry on top of the cake was that he had dimples both sides which made him look very cute for her and she wanted this in her dream guy. Also his lips were pink like completely real and natural pink which was a very rare thing to find in any person but Alina found it just hot and interesting in Ibaad.

Another thing that Alina just loved and admired in Ibaad is that he’s very straight forward by nature. He doesn’t like to beat around the bush at all. Whatever he says it’s just straight from the heart directly and there’s no fakeness or sugar coatedness that can be sensed in his talks.

Alina secretly started seeing Ibaad from her classroom corridors every day when he would be sitting downstairs with his friends talking, laughing, and playing naughty pranks on them. Seeing all this she started falling more and more for him. Ibaad was totally unaware to all this happening around him for many days as well.

One fine day Alina decided that she would talk to his friends after lectures and she did. She talked to Ibaad’s friends and inquired all about Ibaad from them. His friends thought that something is very fishy, and told her all about Ibaad. Next day Ibaad’s friends told him all about what happened in college when he was absent the day before.

Then one day Ibaad sent her a friend request on FB (FaceBook). Alina was on cloud nine that day. She couldn’t actually believe that her ‘’crush’’ who she crushed madly on, has just sent her a friend request. She immediately accepted the friend request on FB.

After that Alina and Ibaad met each other regularly every day in college campus after lectures, in break time, while bunking lectures, etc. they became friends and slowly started interacting and talking with each other. As time passed by, they became good friends, then close friends after that best friends forever as well.

While Alina and Ibaad also used to chat on FB with each other every day. One day as both of them were chatting, Ibaad suddenly proposed Alina saying that he likes her very much like more than best friends, so will she be his girlfriend ?

Alina was totally frozen and shocked. She didn’t type anything for a minute or two which was making Ibaad very impatient on other side to know her reaction and reply to his proposal. He was getting nervous like will she say yes or no?

It took time for Alina to absorb everything and after that she replied as Yes to his proposal. Then they started going on dates with each other to get to know each other and their likes / dislikes in a much better way.

Alina and Ibaad had never thought that their only ‘’Crush’’ on each other would turn from that to ‘’Love at first sight’’ for both of them. They both just loved the feeling of being in love with each other.

Then as time passes by, the day of their graduation in their respected courses came. Ibaad successfully graduated with flying colours in his degree in Aviation and Alina also graduated with flying colours in her degree of BAF from college.

More than that Alina and Ibaad were completely smitten with each other and they just loved each and every thing about each other to the point of insanity. They had just totally accepted each other the way they were with their good and bad points, pros and cons, faults and shortcomings. They didn’t felt the need to change themselves for each other. They were ‘’imperfectly just perfect’’ for each other.

Alina and Ibaad were a type of girl and guy who thought that, ‘’my only love at first sight would be the true love of my life. He/ she would be my only soulmate and my everything’’.

Basically they both were a one man / woman who’s the only true love type of persons to be more precise. They both didn’t have many friends but just a few selected ones which made Alina / Ibaad the most important person in his / her life after their families.

Ibaad and Alina after their graduation started working professionally where Ibaad went to Middle East and started working over there in Aviation since his family business was the same. On other hand, Alina started working in a well-known MNC in Mumbai.

After that their relationship became more like a Long distance relationship where both of them worked it out in their own ways like Ibaad used to come to Mumbai only 1 time in a year where the first time he came straight after 2 years and that was a very long and painful wait for Alina / Ibaad mainly.

Whenever he used to come, that time both of them would go to small trips in many new places and hill stations in and around Mumbai just to spend some quality time with each other.

Ibaad and Alina had gone to movie date in 2011. The movie was ‘’ Rockstar’’. During the movie there came a scene where Nargis and Ranbir were kissing each other, at that time Ibaad was all engrossed in movie but Alina just felt like kissing him at that very same moment and since she was an extrovert, outgoing, very romantic and frank person she herself just went to Ibaad and kissed him on the lips. That was the first kiss of Ibaad & Alina which for her was a very magical moment in her life.

When they both were not present in front of each other physically, they both didn’t even think about any other person other than each other. Their longing and craving to see each other and be with each other could be seen on their faces but due to some circumstances, Alina couldn’t apply for Visa to Middle East.

Ibaad then told her that work over here in Mumbai for some time, gain some work experience of like 5 years and then apply for Visa so that after going over there (Middle East), she would get job instantly at a good reputed company due to her work experience.

They both in 2016 completed 6 years of dating with each other and by now both the families knew about Alina & Ibaad’s relationship and were pretty okay and damn cool with it. Surprisingly in 2017, both their families decided to get them both engaged with each other and Alina & Ibaad got officially engaged with each other.

After this phase, as it is said there comes a rough patch in many long distance relationships. Suddenly the spark and attraction that Alina had felt for Ibaad till now, had started just fading away and fizzling out since Ibaad’s looks had changed completely by now. One of the first things that had attracted and intrigued Alina like a moth is to its flame was his amazing good looks.

Ibaad was very bold, aggressive, and confident and loving while Alina was the part two of him. May be that’s why they gelled up well with each other and it just clicked between them since ‘’Like minded persons always attract to each other’’.

Now Alina after being recently engaged to Ibaad after 6 years of their relationship and dating was suddenly feeling like she was going away or drifting away from him. She being engaged to Ibaad was living life of a single girl or bachelor in reality to be more precise.

She still did love Ibaad deeply and madly but the physical distance between both of them was so much and on top of that it was a long distance relationship which was becoming a cause of concern for her now.

Here in Mumbai, Alina was getting messages on FB messenger from a guy named Subair from past many years but every time she just ignored him and his messages to her.

But then after much thought and thinking, finally this year she decided to be friends with Subair and started chatting with him. One day Alina and Subair decided to meet each other after many weeks of just chatting with each other.

They met and went out in his car for a long drive. Alina and Subair just enjoyed and had fun time with each other. Subair and Alina before telling their good byes to each other just hugged each other. It was a long and intimate hug for both of them especially Alina as apart from Ibaad she has never been intimate with anyone.

She had got a warm and fuzzy feeling in the pit of her stomach after that hug. She started comparing Ibaad and Subair, and she found out that she’s getting attracted to Subair more than Ibaad and the attraction that she felt for Ibaad till now was fading away slowly.

The spark that was there in Alina and Ibaad’s relationship till now, was really just starting to fizzle away slowly with each passing day. Alina had started liking Subair as her companion. She liked being in the company of him now more and more with each passing day.

Now this really got Alina in deep thinking mode and she was pissed off that actually Ibaad was never there for her physically when she needed to see him, when she missed him, felt like going out with him to movies, pubs, long drives and felt like hugging him as well. Whereas with Subair, she did all these things that she wanted to do originally with Ibaad and started liking him more and more.

She knew that now after being engaged to him (Ibaad) with their families also involved in it, she can’t just back out from this as if she does this Ibaad will be hurt very badly and be completely broken and she doesn’t want to hurt him at all.

Ibaad loves her to the point of insanity and would be like just a corpse without life in it if she leaves him or even thinks about leaving him. Ibaad is very bold, aggressive and overconfident in the sense that he has blind faith that Alina will only be his for the entire life time. She wants to do anything and everything that she can do to save this beautiful relationship from falling apart.

It’s like she’s getting churned in the grinder with both of them (Ibaad and Subair).She feels like she’s getting pulled from both the sides. It has become like a messy, gooey, complicated puzzle for her now.

She still loves Ibaad to the point of insanity same as before but now she’s in a kind of dilemma of what to do and who should be chosen? It’s like there’s a war going on in her mind and heart about who should she choose … few months old companionship or something more with Subair or 6 years old of her fairy tale love and relationship with Ibaad ?

There are a few things which she wants to change in Ibaad which originally were not a problem but now is a deep cause of concern to her. Like Ibaad is not very responsive and attentive to Alina’s romantic side or her advances in that way as well. She wants him to become more responsive and attentive towards her. He’s very shy and introvert by nature, so she wants him to become extrovert and very frank as well.

She doesn’t want to just give up on their beautiful relationship of 7 years now with their families now also in sync with each other but also she can’t just help but accept the fact that she is becoming more close to Subair as he’s always there physically in front of her whenever she wants to go out with him and is feeling like she’s suddenly drifting apart from Ibaad?

What should Alina give more importance to ? Her relationship or the companionship ? Who should she choose and why? What will her decision be ?

Give your answers in the reply box below guys !! If I get massive replies from everyone out there reading my blog, then there might be a part 2 of this story in the making with the proper ending as well. Till then keep reading ..

Honest review – ”Chef” (2014) … (What to hope from its hindi remake) !!

Nowadays I’ve switched myself completely as I’ve started liking and watching Hollywood films more than watching Bollywood Films. Well, film remakes are a very risky business today.

The stakes and expectations are always considered as very high while remaking any film especially if an award winning Hollywood film is being remade into Hindi legally by purchasing rights of the original movie and the story.

Usually, the Hindi film industry makes a remake of any film for Indian audiences with different set of Indian actors and different sets and mostly abroad shooting locales to be more precise.

Sometimes the Hollywood film remakes in Bollywood are successful and sometimes they’re not. It is like taking a risk heads on and playing with fire. These experimentations sometimes end up failing very badly and miserably as well.

Now you might be thinking as to what has happened to this blogger who always writes poems, travel, food, and philosophical blogs is now suddenly continuously rambling about Hollywood films and its remakes in Hindi films by Bollywood film industry and telling her readers out there about it ?

Well put on your thinking caps and try to guess …. Still not able to figure it out now …. Well stop thinking too much now, the reason is that people need to know that Hollywood films are always 100 times better when compared to Bollywood films and not every Hollywood film remake into a Hindi film is successful.

(Lol 😀 I know I tell you all a lot to do the thinking work every time but what to do this is me as I am raw and original unfiltered completely).

The Poster of the Original cult Hollywood film ”Chef” (2014) –


Well for me, the Hollywood film ‘’Chef’’ (2014) was a visual treat to watch. The finest of actors who acted in the film did complete justice to their roles. The gripping storyline was so intense that it kept the audiences glued to their seats in the theatre. Both the first and second half of the film was very strong as the storyline was the hero of the film. I didn’t lose my interest and was very excited, eager and boy I was damn curious to know as to what would happen in the next scenes throughout the film.

It is a story about a chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) who works for his over controlling boss (Dustin Hoffman) in a 5 star hotel. After some time, things start getting out of his hand and control as his boss pushes him too far due to his over interfering ways in the menu while the chef cooks the dinner for customers at the hotel which causes the chef to quit his job at the hotel.

After quitting his job he goes to Miami with his son (Emjay Anthony) and his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara) for a mini vacation and also tries to think and figure out what could be done next. Then he joins his hands with his best friend (John Leguizamo), ex-wife and son and starts a food truck in Miami to re-ignite and rekindle his love and passion for cooking and decides to finally let go of all his insecurities, inhibitions, solves all misunderstandings with his wife to finally live his entire life to the fullest with his family which he couldn’t do for so many years due to his job.

It is really a light hearted, entertaining, family based film which you can watch with the entire family. It is a story about a chef who doesn’t live his life normally and to fullest when he was working in a hotel as a chef and how he decides to live his life to the fullest after quitting his job and gets his entire family back together when he starts a food truck and rekindles his love for cooking and becomes a family man after that.

It is not a one time watch film. You can watch this film multiple numbers of times and still get a warm and very fuzzy feeling every time you watch it making you hungry for good food more and more.

The Poster of the official hindi remake film ”Chef” (Oct 2017) –


Now the original english film (The Chef 2014), is being remade into Hindi by Raja Krishna Menon with a different title ‘’Chef’’ which will release on 6th October 2017. The storyline of film after i watched the trailer of ”Chef”, i can say that its almost similar when compared with the original one and also is essence of the film similar. But the star cast is something very different with Saif Ali Khan in the lead role of Chef (Roshan), PadmaPriya Jankiraman in role of his ex-wife (Radha), and Svar in role of his son (Ary).

Original films are the standard and benchmarks set by them so that the other films or remakes being made in different languages can atleast try to come to that level which motivates them. But, the fact is that remakes can never take the place of original films as such films always carry a charm of their own and are welcomed by all types of audiences with open arms.

I am sure that it has aroused curiosity in many avid and fond movie lovers to see this film on 6th October 2017 in theatres near you.  But it is to be seen at that time, whether it sets the cash registers ringing at the Bollywood box office collections globally or not. It will be very interesting to see that whether people give same amount of love, appreciation and a warm welcome and critical acclaim to this film for its storyline, acting performances by the star cast of film which they gave to original one back in 2014.

The trailer of the hindi film ”Chef” looks very refreshing with new actors being introduced on the Bollywood block through this film and is quiet impressive as well. It will be a very tantalizing, teasing and foodilicious wait for the film buffs and lovers till the time the film releases in theatres on 6th Oct 2017 globally.

I’d just like to end this by saying that like people have ‘’comfort food’’ when happy or sad, But for me ”The Chef” (2014) is my favourite all time ‘’comfort film’’ as I can never get bored watching it no matter how much ever times I watch it.

‘’Indian webseries and my thoughts !!’’

Well nowadays, ‘’webseries’’ is the newest completely out of the box alternative that is emerging on Indian Web. Nowadays the Indians have a short term attention span and secondly Indian TV serials are becoming increasingly redundant, monotonous and regressive and people are not liking such serials anymore.

This makes ample opportunity and platform for webseries to take the centre stage and attention away from the TV Serials.

Webseries are like a breath of fresh air with totally fresh unusual pairings of actors, new unexplored concepts and storylines and are being backed by amazing platforms like TVF, Alt Digital, Arre, Hotstar and Bindass. They’re the next big thing and media platform on the radar with amazing potential to make it big in this very competitive TV Industry.

You might now be thinking that why am I suddenly out of the blue just going on rambling incessantly about Webseries and telling all my readers about it? Well put on your thinking caps and try to guess …. Still not able to figure it out now ….

Well stop thinking too much now, the reason is that people need to know that ‘’Webseries’’ are the next big & best thing with great amount of potential waiting to be capped and amassed by the makers with their target audiences already set with by introducing new fresh faces through this amazing media platform and some new, interesting and quirky experiments being done by using established big TV actors in webseries as well. (Lol 😀 I know I tell you all a lot to do the thinking work every time but what to do this is me as I am raw and original unfiltered completely).

Now I’ll tell all my readers reading my blog about the 5 Best Indian webseries and why to watch them –

TVF’s Tripling (2016) –

This is TVF’s best indian youtube webseries according to me from the makers of ‘’The permanent roommates’’ and ‘’Pitchers’’. It is the heart touching, funny and light hearted story of two brothers and a sister (three siblings) who take a road trip together and talk about how their life was before, how it’s now and how it could’ve been and it has a dash of comical hilariousness as well. It is an amazing webseries since we can completely relate ourselves to it due to the sibling bonding and how it stays the same for ever no matter whatever the situations or circumstances are.


Arre’s I Don’t Watch TV (2016) –

This is another amazing media channel that has come up on the radar now. It is a webseries that revolves completely around the life of new and established actors and tells their tale of struggle to make it big in the Television Industry.

I can say that their take on TV actors and their life in webseries is very tongue-in-cheek type with loads of satirical humour and mockery of TV Actors, their struggle and TV industry as a whole.


Alt Balaji Digital’s Karrle Tu Bhi Mohobbat (2017) –

This is another webseries that I loved watching. It has the pairing of Ram Kapoor – Sakshi Tanwar the TV Industry’s favourite couple. It is the brainchild and masterpiece of Ekta Kapoor.

It’s the story of a popular actor Karan Khanna (Ram Kapoor) who’s stardom and charm has faded in the past 3 years due to his habit of alcohol addiction coupled with the fact that he’s also a divorcee and also struggling to make a living through some B Grade Advertisements.

His friends also leave him due to this. Then comes Dr.Tripura (Sakshi Tanwar), a successful doctor who works at a rehab centre. Karan is told by his publicist to go on a strict alcohol de addiction program at the rehab where Dr.Tripura accompanies him for the same.

It is then that both of them meet each other and start interacting with each other and a love story starts blooming between them. It is about how love can be found at any point of time in your life in most unconventional ways and different set of situations since love has no age.


Hotstar’s Tanhaiyaan (2017) –

This is another webseries which I loved watching a lot. It is the brainchild of Gul E Nagma Khan. This webseries has an unusual yet fresh pairing of Barun Sobti as Haider Ali Khan and Surbhi Jyoti as Meera Kapoor.

Set in their best friend’s wedding where both of them come from bride’s and groom’s side it is the story of two people who put on a show and façade of how they’re happy but from inside they’re completely broken where Haider is broken completely due to his best friend Raza’s death and on other hand Meera is broken by her parent’s death.

It is the story of how two beautifully broken people are lonely in their lives and when they both meet each other how they find support, comfort, solace in each other and fall head over heels in love with each other thereby turning their ‘’Tanhaiyaan’’ into being together and being there for each other.


Bindass’s The Trip (2016) –

This is another webseries that was the best one from the entire lot in 2016. It is a story that completely revolves around the 4 friends i.e. Shonali a musician who’s working hard to make it big (Lisa Haydon), Sanjana a Yoga Instructor (Sapna Pabbi), Nazia a resident living in Delhi with an amazing sense of humour (Mallika Dua), and lastly Ananya who gets engaged (Shweta Tripathi).

It’s the story of these 4 friends going on road trip from Delhi to Thailand to celebrate their best friend Ananya’s bachelorette before her marriage where on the way it weaves an intricate tale of self-discovery for all 4 friends along with their adventurous, thrilling experiences, unusual experimentations, some revelations, realizations, and decisions being made along with the crazy adrenaline rush while their stay in Thailand. It gives you a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara type of feel while watching all the episodes in the webseries.


I’d just like to end this by saying that if you are a webseries lover like me and want to watch webseries on weekend’s like binge watching then these 5 Webseries are a must watch for all you people reading my blog out there.

Monsoon rains in Mumbai : memories from childhood till now !! 

Rains have always been my favourite since childhood. Specially mumbai monsoons as when we talk about rains, mumbai monsoons can never be forgotten. 

It always has the power to make you happy, jolly, to wash away all sorts of your sadness, sorrow or grief. 

Its the season of love as it creates a climate of just pure unfiltered love and happiness all around you.

You might now be wondering now that what has happened to this author who writes travel & food blogs, poems, is suddenly writing a monsoon rain blog and her memories of it ? 

Well just think about it ? Still not able to guess …. Okay let me tell you that basically monsoons are my favourite from bachpan and I have many fond memories associated with it. 

So I just felt the need to write a Mumbai monsoon rains blog post anyhow with my memories of it and share it with my readers as I wanted to share this story of monsoons since anyone can connect with this story themselves.

I know i know it just sounds very clichéd but its true that rains have always been a very integral part of hindi films. 

When in hindi films actor / actress cry in rains, we are able to feel their pain completely since we can connect with it quiet easily as when they cry we also cry at the same time while watching the film in theatres.

Its also the season of love where in hindi films and TV serial’s the actor and actress have their “realization of love for each other”.

Now even TV serials follow the same bandwagon since their best romantic / tragic / sad / accident sequences between actor and actress have always been picturised in and around the rains.

My memories of rains have always been one of my very favourite and fond memories of my life. 

I remember as a child when I used to go to school, rains meant raincoats, windsheeters, umbrellas, rainy shoes and rainy sandals. 

It was like there was just a wonderful mindboggling flurry of colours, water and happiness everywhere wherever my eyes would go to in mumbai during monsoon rains.

Rainy season was and even today is still the season where the favourite roadside junk food is vada paav, aalu and kaandaa bhajjia, daal wadi, ussal / missal paav, bread cutlet, samosa / samosa paav.

The favourite breakfast for everyday normal office going people and college going students is kaandaa pohaa, upma, and sheera. The favourite drink in this season is Tapri ki garam chaai or garam coffee.

It also meant that “baarish ke puddles waale pani me paper boat banaa ke usse apne haath se aage karna” as it would atleast go or try to go like a boat on it’s own after that and it used to make me very happy 

“Mein bahut khush ho jaati thi aisi choti cheezo se bachpan me”.

After childhood when I entered college i.e. junior college then bachelors and after that PG MA degree and now after that till today the meaning of monsoons changed to all these things which are : 

“geeli mitti ki khushboo” , “chhat pe jaake baarish me bheegnaa”, “national park me jaake baarish ko enjoy karnaa”, ” Marine Drive pe jaake bethnaa and monsoons ko enjoy karnaa”, “Garam garam bhuttaa, moongfali, chane aur jhaal mudi khaanaa”, “Bandra Worli sea link pe jaake rains ke mazze lenaa” and that’s my eternal love for rains even today and will continue to be there for lifetime.

For me rains are like a reason to be happy since it just drowns away all sadness , sorrows, and makes everyone joyful , gives us a reason to glee. 

It is an unwritten rule in monsoons to have weekend trips atleast 2 – 3 times to rejuvenate , relax and destress yourself.

To such undiscovered places which are very picturesque scenic hillstations always surrounded by rains with a canopy of clouds that has fresh pure uncontaminated air and clean fresh rain water in valleys and lakes.

It is that time of the year when you want to enjoy monsoon rains, connect yourself with nature and its beauty and disconnect yourself from rest of the world just for those few moments or that weekend trip.

I just felt like sharing all those memories and moments of Mumbai monsoon rains from childhood till today and I guess after mentally thinking and recollecting my best memories here I am sharing all of it with all the readers out there.

I’d just like to end this monsoon tale and story by saying a few lines of lyrics from song – 

“Mausam mastaanaa,

 Rastaa anjaanaa,

 Jaane kab kis mod pe,

Ban jaae koi afsaanaa”.

Some pictures of Aaj ki baarish in my building mere ghar ki balcony se : 

                  Rains at IC Colony.

Collage of pictures to my trip to SGNP Borivali east.

The famous yoga pose at SGNP borivali east.

Rains at Marine drive Mumbai.

Rains at Bandra Worli sea link.

National park borivali me baarish.

Cutting chaai at a Tapri in IC Colony.

Garam garam bhuttaa in rains at Marine Drive.

Vada pav in mumbai ki baarish “The lifeline of Mumbaikars”.

Garam Bhajjia with cutting chaai.

Artistry at Kala Ghoda Arts Fest !! 

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” – it sounds very clichéd to be honest but is related to something new i am going to tell all my blog readers through my writing about. 

Can U just take a wild guess as to what I am talking about ? Keep guessing !! Can’t guess still .. Okay so let me tell you here i’ll be talking about my experience at “Kala Ghoda Arts Festival” ! 

It is an arts festival which is held in Kala Ghoda street in Mumbai’s hottest tourist attraction i.e. Colaba .

It is held for 9 days in month of February from 4th to 13th feb which presents an amalgamation of all art forms from dance, music, movies, arts, crafts, live music concerts, lit fest, graffiti works, food, art works to world cinema movie screenings.

Like each year me and my mom had gone to the arts fest and were browsing through the amazing display of art works by huge throngs of artists. 

And oh boy we were very awestruck and spellbound from seeing all those things around us.

It was like we were in a different timezone altogether where we felt speechless and were in mood of just seeing various forms of arts since we are art lovers.  

It was the ninth edition of the very renowned and celebrated “Kala Ghoda Arts Fest” in year 2017 which aims to preserve the arts and heritage that are very important to us. 

It is an honest attempt at promoting various new forms of arts and at the same time spreading awareness to protect and preserve traditional art forms . 

Kala Ghoda Arts Fest is every artist’s dream since they want to display their work in the arts fest. 

Each and every artist works the whole year for the Kala Ghoda Arts Fest as they want to grab opportunity to display their work in front of huge crowds of people from all over Mumbai. 

But only a few people are lucky enough to get this chance to be part of this festival.

I always feel very happy, joyful, cheerful, whenever I and my mom go to the Kala Ghoda Arts Fest every year since we both are very avid art lovers and we love all forms of Art. 

Its like an unsaid thing or a ritual where in we both make it a point to attend the arts fest together every year.

Some pics of Kala Ghoda Arts fest 2015 

Pictures in collages of Kala Ghoda Arts fest 2017 which has different types of artworks created by many artists all over.